...tales and emotions from Salento

by Susanna e Roberto

Some suggestions for organizing a holiday out of season

Is it really where Aeneas landed?

How to spend a few hours surrounded by nature only a few minutes by car from Il Palmento?
Discover a fascinating ecosystem hidden between the sea and the Alimini lakes

Sacred and profane in Salento’s summer nights

How to bring Salento ceramics home

Elegant, cultured and, at the same time, dynamic and full of life, in Lecce there is a hidden special charm. What are the main attractions of the city?

Flowers, sea and stone

Salento cuisine for all pockets and needs

“Otranto’s houses, surrounded by gardens, stretched in an orderly way from the hills to the sea (…); my house was on the hill, in the old town, were only lowly people lived, fishermen and warehouse men, but from there the view reached beyond Rocamatura, an arm of land that pointed into the sea in the West, with a cove, small landings and sand dunes”

Maria Corti, L’Ora di Tutti