How to bring Salento ceramics home

The making of ceramics, in Salento, is a highly respected tradition. Just think of Grottaglie, with its historic shops, its museum and its “pumi”, symbols of fertility and bearers of good omens.

If you enjoy browsing around the markets and second-hand or antique shops, you will find old containers or utensils of every shape and kind which were once used for cooking, such as the old “pignate” (terracotta pots) or the “trufoli”, a jar for oil or, also, the “capase” wine jars. In the historic centre of every village there is an abundance of choice of so many shops that offer souvenirs inspired by tradition.
An excursion to Cutrofiano, a small town famous for its ceramics, will make you want to throw out all your old crockery and buy a new set. However, the king of artisans is at Lucugnano, on the road to Leuca, in Giampiero Indino’s shop. There you will truly appreciate the magic of craftsmanship.

At Palmento we have decorated many corners with typical local artisan objects. Some are antiques, like the old pignata used to cook legumes in the chimney and others are recently made but equally rich in charm. Even our gutters are of hand made terracotta, a choice respectful of tradition.

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