Flowers, sea and stone

On the last weekend of May, Leverano, a small town in the province of Lecce, hosts an amazing competition of floral art, Leverano in Fiore, with the participation of true artists from many countries. For three days the streets of the historic centre become a triumph of spectacular floral installations, some of which are truly amazing!

Over the three days there are also shows and musical performances which give this event an international feel. We went to enjoy this event on a Saturday morning, on a day halfway between spring and the beginning of summer. We feasted our eyes with so much beauty and resolved to come back next year. Not content with this beautiful excursion, we then headed to the nearby Ionic coast and, after a panino and beer by the seaside, we relaxed on the magnificent beach with golden sands and the crystal clear waters of Punta Prosciutto.

The first swim of the season could not have been in a more beautiful sea. Sunset on the Ionic beaches of Salento is so enchanting that one doesn’t want to leave. Eventually, though, here is how to end in style: an aperitif in the main square of Nardò, a small town with a lively historic centre 10 minutes away by car and on the way home. And so, without much in the way of planning, we spent a magnificent late spring day, which is possibly the best time to enjoy the natural and artistic treasures of this land.

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