Is it really where Aeneas landed?

We have always loved this small fishermen’s village (only a few kilometres from Palmariggi) which, legend has it, is where Aeneas landed in Italy, after escaping from Troy, as told in Virgil’s Aeneid.

Porto Badisco is sheltered from the ‘tramontana’, the prevailing northerly wind, and its rocky shores attract bathers in summer.
Despite the fact that Badisco has also been overrun by mass tourism, it has nonetheless kept the simple and true character of the old fishing village. There are no large buildings or fashionable hangouts, the houses all look a bit faded and life is centred exclusively around the bay lapped by crystal clear waters.

And if you get hungry? No problem, there are two famous spots in Badisco: the trattoria Le Taiate, a family run business, simple and easy going, where you can taste fresh fish dishes accompanied by the house wine and the mythical Bar Carlo where they will concoct the most delectable panini imaginable (the Panino della Zita is a must) at truly low prices. You can enjoy your panino sitting at the bar tables or, like we do, comfortably sat on the benches outside in the square, staring at the sea and the horizon. Not recommended for lovers of luxury or of fashionable locales :-))

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