Elegant, cultured and, at the same time, dynamic and full of life, in Lecce there is a hidden special charm. What are the main attractions of the city?

It’s not for me to describe its Baroque masterpieces or the many magnificent churches, like the Basilica di Santa Croce, to mention just one.
A good guidebook or a quick online search will tell you all there is to know. What I want to tell you about is the pleasure of strolling, without necessarily a specific destination, with your eyes looking up in the streets of the historic centre. It’s a continuous discovery of friezes, decorated walls, white stones and wrought iron balconies.

Some elegant houses, once again resplendent after thoughtful restoration, tell the story of a glorious past but also the facades worn out by the rough passage of time are part of the face of the life of a city which, in recent years, has become an unmissable destination of the South of Italy.

In the late afternoon, many of these facades, like those of the main churches, turn pink in the sunset and, every time, one is taken aback and enchanted by so much beauty. This is why, even though I have known this city for many years, from time to time I come back and enjoy it, just walking around with my eyes looking up.

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